the hem of a wedding gown, standing in a puddle, with floating scraps of paper


A performance laboratory

“Grapefruit is a hybrid of lemon and orange. Snow is hybrid of wish and lament.” —Yoko Ono

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Our Shows

Truth emerging from her well, with the paper ripped across her bust, revealing white coveralls, a pink tshirt, and tatood arms. Text from a script is blurry in the background.

Pity+Fear (a travesty)

What does it mean to be a person – to have a body, and live in it – to make choices, and change over time – to tell the truth?

julie in white, covered in a sheet, laying face up in dead leaves

Memento Mori

Memento Mori, developed in the midst of a global pandemic and at a moment of suspension for most forms of live art, is about preparing for death, a meditation meant to remind and inspire.

a Black woman in an apron, singing into a wooden spoon


A traveling performance in an historic building, inspired by stories about food and belonging - both historical and contemporary - from the Five Points and Curtis Park neighborhood of Denver.

Julie sweeping the floor in front of a table, two other figures have their backs turned

Outside the Room

A family struggles to find humanity and normalcy in a world made uncertain and strange after the transformation and “othering” of one of their own. This physical theatre piece imagines what happens on the other side of the iconic room in Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

Jane cradles and kisses her dying girlfriend


Songs and stories from Jane Eyre — a queer adaptation of the classic novel, featuring Teacup Gorilla & Dameon Merkl.

Kenny in a brown vest and red bow, leaning on a branch and looking into the distance

The In-Between

A site-specific performance, down a long dirt road, through the remote desert, encountering the denizens of the place: Echo, Narcissus, the Grey Woman, Turkey, and the Warbler. Medusa invites each of them into her chamber. Influenced by the writings of Edward Abbey, and As Eve Said to the Serpent: On Landscape, Gender, and Art by Rebecca Solnit.

Julie on her knees in a slip, cutting limes, and arranging them on the edge of a wet muddy sandbox

glASS (and other imponderables)

An in-the-moment performance meditation on Indra’s Net, the phenomenon that alchemies sand into glass, and what exactly constitutes polite behavior.

a dead body with short hair and a dress, face down in a birthday cake

Missa Populi

Combining the sacrifice, transcendence, blood, and circumstance of the Catholic Mass with history, live music, science, dance, literature, and pop culture to find a wholly modern communion experience. What we have left is our selves, broken and battered, but surviving together.

Julie in a wodden crate, watching a small TV through the slats

A Murder One Less

She is a plain and pensive woman. He is a rather ordinary man who lives in an extraordinary house. This house does algebraic equations and plots violence. One evening, woman, man, and house collide; not all of them survive.